• Northeast Real Estate Investments with a  minimum Target Net 9% annual returns

  • Consistent yields 

  • Yield derived from short-term real estate loans

Example loan based on 11% return annualized over four years.


  • Investments collateralized by real estate

  • Majority of loans are in first lien position

  • Generally loan-to-value ratio of 75% or less (typical LTV less than 65%)

  • Investments made in major metropolitan area markets

  • Typical loan duration is 12 months


  • Monthly or quarterly dividends

  • Dividends unaffected by market interest rate fluctuations


Quality Lending for Quality Borrowers

Finding high-yield in real estate development projects does not entail engaging with poorly rated borrowers. On the contrary. The current market conditions force quality and trustworthy borrowers to look for alternative lending avenues, since conventional banking lenders, due to a stricter regulatory framework, have significantly closed the funding tap for property-related ventures, namely for renovation and construction loans. Consequently, Blue Marlin Capital is uniquely positioned to offer high-yield loans to high-quality borrowers – giving you, as an investor, access to this unique opportunity.


The Need for Property Rehabilitation

The impressive abundance of foreclosed properties that can still be found throughout the country, combined with the deterioration levels that these vacant properties have undergone while foreclosed, mean two things: they can be obtained by real estate developers for seriously discounted prices and they can be swiftly and moderately rehabilitated to make their value, as well as renewed demand for these renewed assets, significantly rise. Blue Marlin Capital focuses its lending outreach especially in many areas where these opportunity deals are abundant.


When Short-Term Opportunities Meet Short-Term Goals

Blue Marlin Capital only works with short-term lending for increased loan and repayment security, which is an approach that fits right into this specific market’s needs and opportunities: property renovation and construction financing are short-term lending operations. What does this mean for our investing clients? That we are bringing you an opportunity to invest in the right investment place at the right investment time.

Transparency and Accountability


At Blue Marlin Capital, we firmly believe in treating our clients’ capital the right way. We know that your financial resources took time, hard work and dedication to build, and we are fully committed to helping you grow your wealth in a collaboration that is based on trust, transparency, and accountability.


That is why our BMC Secured Income Fund offers a cutting-edge proprietary portal that allows you, as our registered investor, to stay entirely up to date regarding all the information that matters to you when it comes to knowing how your invested capital is performing, namely:


  • Detailed loan sheets – know the loan and borrower

  • Payment histories – for repayments from borrowers and payments from the fund to you

  • Property project details – with project’s relevant figures, updates, and photos

  • Loan documents archive – have access to notes, mortgages, appraisals, and other documents

  • Monthly financial reports – know where your investments stand


a liquidity and return profile that meets your needs


in preferred equity or debt in a debt fund


a reliable high-yield income: 4-6.5% debt and 9-13% equity


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