Buy real estate at a discount to replacement cost, or build it at attractive prices using our construction and development expertise, with the right long-term fundamentals in place.

Improve the asset or fix what is broken. Making the right physical improvements, bringing in the right long-term tenants, and establishing working relationships with them to grow business.

Finally, sell the asset to the right long-term buyer, or hold the asset and collect consistent cash flows. In both cases, we maximize the value for our investors.


Property Types (Non-Owner Occupied)

  • Single Family Homes

  • Single Family Home Subdivisions

  • Multi-family & Apartments

  • Office Buildings

  • Retail Buildings and Strip Malls

  • Land Development

Loan Types

  • 100% Construction Costs

  • Renovations & Rehabilitation Loans

  • Flips (buy, renovate & sell)

  • New Construction – Residential / Commercial / Retail

  • Additions / Expansion

  • Condominiums & Multi-family Conversions

General Loan Parameters


Borrower Profile:

Investors Only, No Owner Occupants

Loan Size:

$100,000 - $3,000,000

Loan Term:

Twelve (12) Months

Lending Areas:

New York and Connecticut

Interest Rate:

as low as 11%

Origination Fees:

as low as 2%

Loan To Value:

Up To 75% (as renovated/complete value)


Payments are Interest-only, Due Every 30 Days


7 Business Days – Subject To Title


First Mortgage, Real Estate Only

Credit Req:

No Borrower Credit Check


Not Required

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