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Blue Marlin Capital has been building a reputation of helping borrowers and lenders in the real estate industry to smoothly navigate the challenging waters of financial and credit markets to find actionable solutions that benefit both parties.


Formed by a team with an extensive experience in consulting, equity investment, mortgage lending, real estate transactions, and asset and fund management, we seek to bring a more flexible approach to the real estate funding market that works better for investors in need of returns and developers in need of financing.

Passionate About Investing

We provide long-term value to our partners through our thoughtful approach and a commitment to our core values. We strive each day to do business the right way by taking care of people and delivering quality in all we do.

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Market Cycles

We understand the realities of market cycles, and the opportunities these cycles create. We focus on the long-term, historical trends, and determine value through analysis of each investment's underlying fundamentals.


We have built a seasoned team with a successful track record. Today, we have more opportunities than ever before in our history.

Based on our experience in the field, in the last two years we have observed two conflicting realities that require precisely the solution that we offer:

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  • Property values have been going up, delinquency rates have been going down, and the number of applications for new loans has been growing at a staggering pace – being projected to top $200 billion annually by 2018. 

  • Conventional national lending institutions cannot keep up with this trend, both due to the astonishing demand that they are facing, their lack of agility in processing these requests, and a restrictive regulatory framework that they need to comply with.

Since demand from real estate developers does not go away just because conventional lending supply doesn’t meet it, the result of this misalignment creates an opportunity: the demand for short-term non-conventional commercial loans is skyrocketing, which means that non-conventional lenders can enter the market and supply the capital that is needed in exchange for steady returns that no other asset class offers.

Fundamentals That Set Us Apart

Speculation involves luck and emotion while investing requires discipline, analysis, and research. Speculation leads to mediocre performance at best, and disaster when market conditions change.


We expect downturns and plan for cycles. We like cycles because they create opportunity for those who are prepared. We find great investments in up and down markets.


We capitalize on discrepancies that exist in the market, especially when we can act quickly. This give us a competitive advantage to achieve on-going success.


We are analytical and we dig into details. We pass on investments that don’t make sense because of information we find – and we make investments that others won’t, because of additional knowledge we have.

That is how our Blumarcap Fund addresses this challenge:

  • a collateralized real estate fund that is ready to flexibly deploy lending capital to funding-thirsty markets

  • a fund that opens this opportunity up to investors who want to add collateralized high-yielding real estate debt to their portfolio

  • a go-to source of financing for real estate developers and developers who need a fast and efficient way of obtaining short-term loans for qualified property deals

  • a lighter, faster and less cost-intensive bridge between lenders and borrowers, in a mutually beneficial association for both parties

  • a fund for lenders and borrowers with a nation-wide portfolio composed of a mix of debt-based and equity-based assets that delivers non-volatile and secured high returns to investors looking for alternatives to low-yield/low-risk markets or high-yield/high-risk markets

We’d be delighted to work with you if you are:

A Qualified Investor seeking to gain exposure to an investment fund with a diversified Real Estate portfolio focusing on the country’s major markets.

A Borrower looking for an alternative to the costly and time-consuming complexities of bank financing to obtain a short-term loan of up to 12 months, offering a first lien position with a low loan-to-value ratio loan of no more than 75%, secured by a property in the United States, in an investment that can generate a minimum Gross IRR of 13%.

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